Jimmy Akin Podcast
On Catholic Answers Live (1/26/12) Jimmy Akin answers:
Why does Jesus talk about righteous people in Luke 15, if Romans 3 says that no one is righteous?
Can I enter the Catholic Church if I’m not sure if I believe in a teaching because I still have a lot to learn? Wouldn’t the Eucharist help me believe?
Why does the genealogy of Mary in the Bible differ from our teaching that Joachim was her father?
What are the earliest writings about the first successor of Peter?
What’s the problem with consubstantiation in the Eucharist?
Why was the filioque a big deal?
If we believe that the Eucharist is transformed into the body and blood of Christ, why doesn’t it taste like flesh and blood?
How do I defend the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin to my Protestant friends?
Can you discuss the document released by the Vatican in the early 2000s about how much leeway priests have in saying the words of the Mass?
Who, besides the priest and deacon, is allowed to add the water to the wine at Mass?
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