Jimmy Akin Podcast

On Catholic Answers Live (2/16/12), Jimmy Akin answers:

  • Have you heard about a female pope?
  • In regard to the HHS mandate, why don’t the bishops resort to excommunication of politicians?
  • I’m thinking about becoming a Catholic, but I’ve been divorced and remarried – what steps should I take?
  • What do the Masons believe?
  • Where do Protestants get the notion that they can attend or belong to any type church, whereas we believe that Jesus founded the one true Catholic Church?
  • Is it a sin to not take my autistic child to Mass on Sunday because she may misbehave?
  • Are those who commit mortal sins without knowing it at risk of not being saved?
  • Is there a difference between how Protestants and Catholics view missionary work?
  • How powerful is Planned Parenthood within the government given the danger of contraception and the fight that is currently going on for our religious liberty?
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