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You Mean Fish *Aren’t* Vegetables? Christian vegetarianism (And more!)

In this episode of Catholic Answers Live (9/25/14), Jimmy takes on the following questions:


  • How is the landowner in the parable of the workers in the vineyard “fair”?
  • How to deal with nephew getting married tomorrow in a non-Catholic ceremony?
  • How to understand Romans 9 when it talks about the “vessels of wrath”?
  • Who are “the elect”? What are the different ways this word is used?
  • Technically speaking, what is a shrine?
  • Can people with dementia receive the sacraments?
  • If salvation is a gift then why do we need to go to confession?
  • How to help a godchild who has a health problem and whose parents are in a destructive relationship?
  • What obligations do we have regarding attending weddings that are known up-front to be invalid?
  • How to respond to people who say that we must abstain from eating meat?


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