Jimmy Akin Podcast

In this episode of Catholic Answers Live (hour 2 of 1/13/15), Jimmy answers the following questions:

  • My father-in-law started a lay movement in the church and was killed about 35 years ago. Some documentation has been sent to the Vatican regarding possible sainthood. Because his work was secretive, my mother-in-law was not aware of the work he did for the Church. Is there a possibility of her ever gaining access to those documents to learn more about her husband’s life?
  • What is the Church teaching regarding the requirement of marriage prep for a couple already civilly married?
  • Were the polygamist marriages in the Old Testament valid? When it comes to polygamist marriages in Africa with converts to Catholicism, are those marriages considered valid?
  • Can I determine what the ten horns of the beast are from the Book of Revelation?
  • Why are the laws of the Church changing from pope to pope?
  • Are the different parishes allowed to rewrite the Gloria, Sanctus (Holy, Holy), and the Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) for Mass?
  • When it comes to NT Apocrypha, are these books still valid reading material even though they didn’t make it into the bible?
  • What is the difference between how angels intercede for us and how Mary intercedes for us?
  • As a Mormon, we believe in Apostasy/Restoration. But, I find this in every church (faith belief). What is the Catholic belief?
  • How is the Just War Doctrine applied in today’s society?
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