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In this episode of Catholic Answers Live (June 22, 2017, 1st hour), Jimmy answers the following questions:

02:30 - What are your thoughts about baptizing infants twice? Once in the Catholic Church, once in the Protestant church.

10:30 - Will there be free will in Heaven?

12:10 - Does 1 John 5:13 tell Christians that they know for sure whether or not they are saved?

16:25 - What are some tips for Catholics who are concerned about doing wrong?

32:05 - What is your take on protesting on blasphemous images of Jesus Christ?

41:45 - Can I attend a SSPX Mass with my family?

44:55 - I have heard that Jesus had a blood brother who was not part of the faith until Jesus died and rose again. That was why he chose Peter. What is your stance on this?

49:50 - If one is experiencing temporal punishment because he committed a mortal sin, can the punishment be used as redemptive healing for someone else?

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