Jimmy Akin Podcast

In this episode of Catholic Answers Live (July 13, 2017, 2nd hour), Jimmy answers the following questions:

4:25 How to responding to the challenge that Acts isn't reliable history because it was written long after the events it describes.

12:11 - How can we use the internet for evangelism?

20:40 - In Revelation what does it mean at the end when it gives a curse to people who add or subtract?

29:39 - I’m wondering if there’s a definitive description of Heaven and Purgatory.

34:45 - Why is it that God can strike someone dead with no warning?

44:50 - Do you believe that Catholics and Protestants can be reconciled? And what form might it take?

51:32 - I’m marrying a non-Catholic and he has some weird history questions, why is the Vatican surrounded with walls? Where did all the treasure from the Crusades go?


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