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In this episode of Catholic Answers Live (July 11, 2017, 1st hour), Jimmy answers the following questions:

0:15 What are some of Cy's favorite books?

2:30 What's significant about John Paul II's book "Crossing the Threshold of Hope"? (Hint: One thing is that he basically revealed the Third Secret of Fatima in it!)

4:50 Did Joseph Ratzinger ghostwrite many of John Paul II's writings?

6:35 How to find hidden treasures in John Paul II's and Benedict XVI's Wednesday audiences.

11:50 How to respond to the challenge that Catholicism is false because it bases its teachings on things other than the Bible--the word of God.

16:00 What is the new path that Pope Francis has instituted for people becoming saints?

25:17 - What are some early church sources about the immaculate conception?

31:26 - Can a pope be a heretic personally?

33:40 - What is the earliest evidence for Purgatory?

37:50 - In Acts 11, St. Paul says his proof for the Gentiles in the Church is that the Holy Spirit falls on them. Is this analogous to the Holy Spirit working in other churches today?

44:06 - What are we supposed to be doing in the afterlife?

46:30 - How do we define grace? Someone told me we merit grace, but we also receive initial grace free of merit. So what are the different kinds of grace, where are some places we can find them in the Bible?

54:55 - Can a non-baptized person, who’s married to a Catholic, receive a Catholic funeral and burial?

57:50 - Do dogs go to Heaven?

Resources Mentioned:

The Salvation Controversy by Jimmy Akin

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